The Disability Justice Network is led by and for multiply-marginalised disabled people across so-called Australia. We move together towards a world grounded in disability justice.

We run a mutual aid fund for disabled people in crisis situations whose needs are not being met by the state. We also run community forums, events, and workshops.

Across so-called Australia, disabled people continue to be oppressed, thrown into poverty, prisons, institutions, and regularly denied the medical and social care needed to survive. This struggle is only amplified for Bla(c)k, Brown, Queer and other multiply marginalised disabled people, with many of us subjected to ongoing violence. The DJN is a grassroots peer-led network working towards movement-building, communal care, and transformative justice.

We ground our work in the principles of Disability Justice laid out by Sins Invalid.

The Disability Justice Network organises across the unceded lands of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We express our solidarity and respect for the ongoing resistance of Indigenous peoples across so-called Australia. The ongoing violence of colonisation is a disabling violence, frequently mediated through state structures including prisons, hospitals, coronial courts, and the NDIS. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience disproportionate levels of disability, and are disproportionately denied access to healthcare and disability supports. There is no pathway toward disability justice without Indigenous justice.